WHOA Announces $3000 Triple Crown Incentive for Germantown

Apr 27th, 2023 | By | Category: News

The Walking Horse Owners Association has announced a $3000 Jackpot incentive for WHOA Triple Crown – Germantown Charity Horse Show June 6-10, 2023.
Any horse that won a blue at WHOA Triple Crown – Pensacola, FL in 2023 and wins at Germantown, TN in 2023 will receive equal amount of the $3000 Jackpot. The money will be
split between the owner and trainer of each horse.
“We’re honored to host one of the WHOA Triple Crown shows and look forward to the excitement it will bring to our competition,” says Mary Livesay, president of the Germantown Charity Horse Show. For more information on the show, visit www.GCHS.org or email GCHSmanager@gmail.com.
Future Incentives for WHOA Triple Crown-Oak Grove, KY. to be announced by September 1, 2023!

WHOA Triple Crown 2023

WHOA Southern Belle- Pensacola, FL
March 29- April 1, 2023

Germantown Charity Horse Show- Germantown, TN
June 6-10, 2023

WHOA Jamboree- Oak Grove, KY
October 12-14, 2023

For more information contact WHOA at 615-494-8822 or WalkingHorseOwners.com

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