TWHNC Announces New Policy for RV Spots

Apr 30th, 2024 | By | Category: News

Press and Social Media Release Tuesday, April 16, 2024
For the 86th Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, there will be a new policy for reserving RV spots. Camping on-site continues to be a popular option for Celebration fans, and The Celebration wants to maximize that experience. The Celebration is excited to announce that it will have all new shower houses for each of its three RV Parks for the 86th Celebration.
New Reservation policy for 2024 Celebration:
• All previous occupants that booked for 10 days or more last year will be guaranteed a spot if they book and pay by June 1st.
• All previous occupants that booked spots for less than 10 days last year will have the opportunity to reserve a spot for 10 days or more, and must pay by July 1st.
• Anyone interested in booking for 10 days or more has until July 15th to reserve and pay for a spot.
• On July 16th and after, the celebration will start taking requests for reservations that are less than 10 days. Reservations with a higher number of days reserved will have priority.
• The Celebration intends to have all spots reserved by August 1st.
• RV Reservations will be $50 per night.
To make a reservation please contact Barbara Armstrong at 931-684-5915 ext. 105 or

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