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Aug 27th, 2020 | By | Category: News

(1) Amateur Status
• A person is an amateur who, after his/her 18th birthday, does not engage in any activities which would cause him or her to be classified as a professional.
• Any person who has not reached his/her 18th birthday is declared to be an amateur. For horse show purposes, a youth exhibitor is an individual who, on January 1st of the show year, has not yet reached his/her 18th birthday. If an exhibitor is 17 on January 1st and turns 18 on January 2nd the exhibitor is still eligible to show as a youth exhibitor all that year.
• Standing a breeding stallion, buying/selling and boarding
horses does not affect a person’s amateur status.
• The following shall not affect amateur status:
• the writing of books or articles for horse show purposes
• the acceptance of remuneration for judging
• the reimbursement of exhibitor for expenses without
• the acceptance of a small token of appreciation, other
than money, for exhibiting
• If there is a question of whether a person is a
professional or an amateur, final determination shall be
made by SHOW.
• Anyone who requests a person to exhibit in an Amateur class and then pays or remunerates that person in excess of what is allowable as provided for above shall be subject to disciplinary action by SHOW.

(j) Changing Divisions. There are three divisions, 1.) Flat shod, 2.) Park Performance and Show Pleasure, 3.) Performance. Within a calendar year, a horse may change from one division to a new division one time and may not change back to the previous division, unless there is a bona-fide and recorded change of ownership. Once competing in a division at a show, the horse must stay in the same division the entire show regardless of change of ownership. *Amateur Owned & Trained: A horse entered in a show in the Amateur Owned & Trained division cannot be shown at the same show by a professional in an open class unless the horse changed ownership during the show.

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