NWHA Riders Cup

Apr 14th, 2022 | By | Category: News

The NWHA Board of Directors received a request to have The National be included in the Riders Cup program offered by the Walking Horse Trainers Association (WHTA). After thorough consideration, the Board of Directors passed a resolution at the January 21, 2022 meeting to offer a select number of Open classes that will count toward the WHTA Riders Cup in 2022. In each walking division, the Open English, the Open Western, the 5 & Under Open, and the 3 Gait Open will count toward the Riders Cup, for a total of 20 classes across the 5 Walking Horse divisions. These divisions will include Trail Pleasure, Lite Shod, Plantation Pleasure, Country Pleasure and All Day Pleasure. These select classes will give the NWHA Board a base of classes to determine if we can continue the offerings in years to come based on changes in the number of entries and other metrics.
This program for 2022 will come at no additional cost to the owners, trainers, or exhibitors as it has all been sponsored for 2022. All NWHA members are invited to participate in these open classes and they do not have to be members of WHTA to participate.
The WHTA Riders Cup program pays out to the 15 highest point earning flat shod trainers in WHTA Riders Cup Classes throughout the year. A horse show must pay $100 to affiliate. The Pleasure division is broken down into 7 categories so that shows can participate in all divisions or can pick and choose the divisions where they think they can increase participation. Rider’s Cup leading horses and their owners will be recognized at the year end WHTA Annual Meeting and Banquet. The Rider’s Cup program is open to all HIO’s, all states and all associations. It is our hope to see trainers participating in NWHA be more successful in the Riders Cup Standings in 2022.

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