KWHA Makes High Point Announcement

Feb 3rd, 2020 | By | Category: News

The KWHA, Kentucky Walking Horse Association, recognizes high point winners at their banquet each year. This association is also vital, as it manages the Kentucky Celebration Horse Show.

In early January, information was sent to all show managers affiliated with the KWHA. The annual affiliation fee will cover the following: The show listed in the annual Blue Book, show advertisement of the KWHA’s website, and it allows members to acquire points for the year-end awards. Please note- In order to acquire points, the rider, owner and trainer are required to have membership in the KWHA. Beginning in 2020, points from all shows affiliated with KWHA and any certified HIO will count in the High Point records. Please direct any inquiries to Terry Logan Lunsford, KWHA President at 859-576-8433.


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