KWHA General Membership Meeting

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January 13, 2018, Four Points Sheraton, Lexington, KY

The meeting was called to order by President Daniel Carmichael, who welcomed everyone. President Carmichael asked if everyone had time to look over the General Membership minutes from January 14, 2017. Jared Scott moved the minutes be approved as presented, seconded by Jason Joseph. Motion carried. President Carmichael asked if everyone looked over the treasurer’s report. Peggy Bramerloh asked if anyone had questions. Renee Lainhart moved the treasurer’s report be accepted as presented, seconded by Jamie Tucker. Motion carried. President Carmichael thanked Peggy Bramerloh for all her hard work.

Darrell Collins reported on behalf of the Horse Show Committee. He reported the show made money. He thanked everyone for the sponsorships, all the hard work, and for making the show a success. Discussion was held regarding finishing a motion from Donnie May from previous year regarding location of the Kentucky Celebration. Cloia Collins reported on behalf of the Juvenile Auxiliary. A meeting was held before the General Membership Meeting. Discussion of a February trip, helping Cottonwood Stables at barn party with food, and having a horse show on the second weekend of May.

Jamie Tucker reported on behalf of the Banquet Committee. She thanked all those that came and all that helped put on the banquet. Daniel Carmichael reported on behalf of the Scholarship Committee. He asked all in attendance to remind younger members of the scholarship opportunity.

President Carmichael turned the meeting back over to Jared Scott for elections. Mr. Scott discussed the nomination and election process. He presented a list of names, Kim Back, Denise Calhoun, Regina Fritsch, Jason Joseph, Renee Lainhart, Tina Moss, Jamie Tucker, and Christin Wood, for directors from the nominating committee. The floor was open for nominations. Kris Dunn made a motion all nominations ceased and the 8 (eight) individuals on the ballot be elected by acclamation for the 2-year terms, seconded by Terry Logan Lunsford. Motion carried. Jared Scott asked the nominating committee for recommendations for officers. The committee recommended Daniel Carmichael, President, Darrell Collins for 1st Vice President, and Jamie Tucker for 2nd Vice President, and Dana Yeager for Treasurer. Nominations were open from the floor for each office. Tom Vest moved nominations cease and all be elected as Officers by acclamation, seconded by Jason Joseph. President Scott turned over the meeting to the 2018 KWHA President, Daniel Carmichael.

A KY-HIO update was given regarding the number of shows for 2017 and the number of horses inspected. Also discussed was the adoption of the pleasure horse being able to have a saddle at inspection, heel to toe ration, staying in one division, penalties and refunds for turning in paper work from the shows.

Senator Robin Webb discussed the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitor’s Association (TWHBEA). She discussed the importance of being active and aware of what is occurring in the walking horse industry. President Carmichael thanked everyone for attending the meeting and all who were elected. He spoke of the challenges the walking horse industry is facing and asked for continued support. He asked all board members to attend a meeting after the general membership meeting adjourned. Renee Lainhart moved to adjourn, seconded by Jamie Tucker, motion carried.

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