KWHA Board of Director’s Meeting

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November 18, 2018, Four Points Sheraton, Lexington, KY

The meeting was called to order by President Carmichael. The members present were Kim Back, Peggy Bramerloh, Denise Calhoun, Darrell Collins, Billy Howard, Jason Joseph, Paige Smith Porter, Jared Scott, Jamie Tucker, and Christin Wood. Regina Fritsch, Terry Logan Lunsford, Tina Moss, and Doug Stephens had excused absences. Renee Lainhart and Wally Parrish had unexcused absences.

The minutes from October 14, 2018 were reviewed. Jamie Tucker moved that the minutes be approved, seconded by Jason Joseph. Motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Peggy Bramerloh. She noted that currently still have $4,025 out in sponsorships. She is going to send more invoices out. Jamie Tucker made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Kim Back. Motion carried.

President Carmichael appointed a Nominating Committee. Jason Joseph was appointed chair. The other members are Kim Back, Denise Calhoun, Renee Lainhart, and Tina Moss.

Peggy Bramerloh reported on behalf of the Sponsorship Committee. She reminded everyone to send information to get a scholarship. The deadline is December 29th.

Jamie Tucker-Wiley reported on behalf of the Banquet Committee. Jared Scott has agreed to be the master of ceremonies for the banquet. Shane Back has agreed to be the auctioneer. Jason Joseph will be in charge of 50/50 tickets.

Discussion was held on electronic membership mailing and voting options for next year. Cloia Collins discussed a way to have electronic voting and mailing for the membership. Jared Scott moved that in the annual mailing to the membership a box be made available for members to check if they would be interested in electronic mailing and voting options, second by Jamie Tucker. Motion carried.

President Carmichael gave a year-end report for the KY-HIO. Fifty-eight shows were affiliated with 5, 846 horses inspected. This was down 7 shows and 2,200 horses from 2017. Steve Swinford is the new KY HIO member.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 10:00 at Four Points Sheraton in Lexington.

Jamie Tucker moved to adjourn, seconded by Darrell Collins.

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