Equine Obituary – More of the Dollar

Jan 8th, 2020 | By | Category: News, Obituaries

more of the dollarMore of the Dollar, foaled June 2004, passed away Dec 2019.  He was started in Ky by Mike Thomas and sold to the Bob Adcock Family as a two year old.  He was placed in training with Charlie Green and began his long and successful show ring career.  His first appearance at the Celebration was as a two year old under Charlie Green.  Sam McLaughin took over training duties in the fall of 2007 and remain as his trainer until 2010.  As a four year old he made his second appearance at the Celebration, and then again as a five year old, both times under Sam McLaughin. He was sold to the Louis Judd Family beginning the 2010 show season as an AOT horse. Our thanks to the Bob Adcock family for allowing us to own such a special horse.  Mr Dollar as we called him was well traveled, he was shown in many states, Ala, S Carolina, N Carolina, Va, Fla, Miss, Ky and Tenn.  He was shown over 114 times and won over 50 blue ribbons, 16 reserves and the rest 3, 4, and 5th places. I (Louis Judd) show him at the Celebration in 2010 and receive a 5th place in the Owner Amateur Specialty World Grand Championship and returned in 2014 to place 3rd in the Owner Amateur Specialty World Grand Championship.  Mr Dollar went through all the inspections of the DQP’s and VMO’s without ever receiving a violation.  This is one of the things I am so proud of, he was truly a gifted horse and a horse perfect for me or any AOT owner.  His personality was calm, trusting, and wanting to please.  His beauty was commented on by everyone that saw him and he loved the attention and petting he got. His long flax mane with a multi colored  tail that reached the ground drew lots of attention.  He was so proud of himself and in the lineups he always looked around at the crowd with ears up enjoying himself.  I never had to raise my voice to him, he knew what I wanted and needed from him. I learned a lot from this horse and am so very thankful I was his owner and friend. Every time I entered the barn I said hello to him and he said hello back to me, we were best friends.  I never had a horse so special and I am going to miss him so much.  I was hoping when the end came to  retire from showing, we could do it together on our terms but God had a different plan.   I have told many people he was so smart he could get himself ready for the show, I just needed to sit down and leave him alone.  He loved to go and show, when the trailer pulled up to the front of the barn his ears went up his eyes lit up because he knew it was show time.  Well show time is over, he never won a World Championship, but he was a World Champion  to me, good night my friend, we will ride the night skies together again someday, with love Louis.

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